ASP .NET Core Get Json Array using IConfiguration

In appsettings.json

"MyArray": [

In Startup.cs

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

In HomeController

public class HomeController : Controller
private readonly IConfiguration _config;
public HomeController(IConfiguration config)
this._config = config;

public IActionResult Index()
return Json(_config.GetSection("MyArray").AsEnumerable());

If you want to pick value of first item then you should do like this

var item0 = _config.GetSection("MyArray:0");

If you want to pick value of entire array then you should do like this-

IConfigurationSection myArraySection = _config.GetSection("MyArray");
var itemArray = myArraySection.AsEnumerable();

or like

var myArray = _config.GetSection("MyArray").Get<string[]>();



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